There is one thing that we all know about a tooth ache, and that is that if you have it, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. People will do just about anything to get out of pain when it comes to a toothache. We work hard to get you in as quickly as possible so that we can get you out of pain.

Sometimes the painful tooth may need to be extracted, but other times, there can be other things causing pain that don’t require teeth to be removed. This is one of the reasons that consulting with your dentist for prolonged or elevated tooth pain. Here at Oxford Dental Care, we are happy to help if you are experiencing a tooth ache,

Common Causes of Tooth Aches

There are several things that can cause toothaches, and just because you have a toothache, that does not mean that you necessarily have something drastic going on in your mouth. However, you should always see, or speak with a dentist just to be safe! Here are a few things that can cause tooth aches:

  • Tooth Decay

Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria in your mouth forms an acid that starts to eat away at the tooth. As decay becomes deep enough it can expose parts of the tooth that are much more sensitive. The tooth ache can be triggered by several things, but is typically an effect of something aggravating the nerve.

  • Receding Gums

Receding gums can be caused by a few different things, but the leading cause of receding gums is periodontal disease. The gums pulling away from the root causes the very sensitive root to be exposed. This can cause great amounts of pain. Luckily we have solutions for tooth aches caused by receding gums.

  • Cracked Teeth

There are several different things that can cause your teeth to crack which can lead to dental pain. Large metal fillings are one of the main culprits for cracking teeth. The metal expands and contracts with heat and cold and after a long time of that happening the tooth can give out and crack. We can replace large metal fillings with tooth colored fillings or a crown which will cause the tooth to last much longer.

  • Acid Exposure

Over exposure to acid can cause tooth aches. Your teeth can be exposed to acid from a number of different foods, many of which we don’t even think about. Some sources of acid are: soda, sour patch kids, some mouth washes, some water brands, tomatoes and more.

  • Clenching or Grinding Teeth

Many of us clench or grind our teeth at times when we do not realize it. Some common times when you might find yourself clenching your teeth are high stress situations, exercise, sleeping, intense concentration or times when you are nervous. This can be very damaging to your teeth and cause a lot of sensitivity. We have several solutions to clenching and grinding that can save you a lot of pain and money.

What to Do if You Have Tooth Pain

As you can see, there are many different reasons why you might have a toothache. The first thing to do if you have a toothache is to determine how severe your pain is. If your pain is unbearable, you should see a dentist as quickly as possible. If the pain is bearable, the next thing to determine is how long the pain is lasting. Pain that is persistent for more than a couple days should be examined by a dentist as well.

Whatever the cause of your pain, Dr. Drew is awesome at diagnosing and treating the causes of toothaches. We can have you pain free in no time! If your mouth is in pain and you are located in Idaho Falls, we can help you get out of pain quickly. Call (208)529-0420, or click the button below to schedule an appointment today!

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