It is no secret that dental health tends to get worse with age. When you think about it, your teeth have to withstand things for your entire life. The longer they have to work, the easier it becomes for them to fail. Unfortunately for many seniors, dental benefits often expire at the time of retirement.

This is one of the reasons that so many people opt for dentures as they get older. It is typically less expensive to get dentures than to try to keep up on your dentistry without dental insurance, but that does not have to be the case!

What are the Options for Dental Care for Seniors?

There is good news for seniors who have dental needs. You are not left without options! Here are some of the best options we have found for seniors:

  • Choose the Appropriate Medicare Supplements

Medicare supplements help cover the gaps that are not covered by medicare such as dental care. There are a number of good options to support the coverage that you already have in place.

  • Get an Affordable Dental Insurance Plan

There are certain situations where paying for private dental insurance makes sense. Here at Oxford Dental Care, we are happy to help our patients determine if this is a good route for them.

  • Find a Dental Discount Plan

Many dental practices offer a dental discount plan. This happens when you pay the dental practice a fee to provide basic dentistry and get a discount on other procedures. This is often an awesome option for patients without dental insurance.

I was recently speaking with a friend who is the owner of Canyon Rim Dental in Salt Lake City, UT. He mentioned that they had implemented an in office dental discount plan for patients without insurance, and that patients really loved having that option.

  • Find a Dentist With Affordable Fees

Here at Oxford Dental Care, we work hard to keep our fees reasonable to accommodate seniors and others without dental insurance. We offer cash discounts to those without dental insurance which makes things even more affordable. We believe that a properly maintained smile is something that everyone should be able to have access to.


In conclusion, if you are a senior without dental insurance, there are options for you. If you have a trusted dentist, work together with them to determine the best plan of action. Sometimes the best plan of action will be paying cash at a dental practice with affordable fees, sometimes it will be best to find supplemental coverage for your medicare and sometimes it will be best to find a dental discount plan.

At Oxford Dental Care, we want to help all of our patients receive the best dental care available. We are happy to work through your options with you to help you put together a plan of action. Give us a call today at (208)529-0420 for any of your dental needs!

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