At Oxford Dental Care in Idaho Falls, Dr. Drew expertly performs full mouth rehabilitation for both cosmetic and medical purposes. Whether you need a quick cosmetic fix or a complete smile makeover, Dr. Drew has a solution. Contact our office today!

Smile Makeover Procedures

Every patient who visits our office has unique needs and goals. For smile makeovers, some patients need minimal procedures, while others require more intensive care over longer time periods.

When you come in for a complimentary smile makeover consultation, Dr. Drew will evaluate which smile makeover procedure is most appropriate. Different procedures available at our dental practice include:

  • Dental Veneers
  • Composite Bonding
  • Tooth Implants
  • Teeth Whitening

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Whether you need comprehensive mouth rehabilitation or a single procedure like teeth whitening, Dr. Drew will work with you to determine your goals and desires and match them with a makeover plan that enhances your overall appearance, including your facial structure, skin tone and smile line. It’s surprising to see how much having a smile that’s custom designed for you as an individual can drastically improve how you look, beyond just your smile!

Good Candidates for Smile Makeovers

If you’ve ever felt embarrassed to be in a picture that shows your smile, you’re definitely a good candidate for a smile makeover. Anyone who wants to feel confident in his or her smile should consider options to improve the look of their smile.

Many patients bring magazine ads for toothpaste showing bright white teeth that are pure perfection. They often think a smile like that is unattainable, but in truth it’s easier to achieve than most people think.

A perfect smile is a sign of health and vitality. It can also dramatically improve someone’s attractiveness. We all know that someone who smiles is perceived as more friendly and happy than someone who doesn’t. But if you don’t love your smile, then you’re less likely to use it.

If your overall dental health is adequate but you have some cosmetic issues you’d like to improve, a smile makeover can boost your confidence and make you happy with a new smile. Whether you’re seeking a way to improve the coloration and shape of your teeth, fill in gaps or replace missing teeth, or even augment or shape your gum line, Dr. Drew at Oxford Dental Care can help you achieve a dazzling and impressive smile.

Complimentary Smile Makeover Consultation

If you’re in Idaho Falls and considering a smile makeover, Dr. Drew at Oxford Dental Care offers a complimentary consultation. In this appointment, he will learn all about you and how he can help you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Call us today to schedule your life-changing visit, or click the button below!

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