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When and Why to Use a Pediatric Dentist

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Developing good dental hygiene habits at a young age plays a major role in the dental health of a person as they get older. This is one of the reasons that pediatric dentistry is so important. Dr. Drew and our support staff are excellent at keeping children comfortable and explaining things in a way that is easy for the children to understand, and most of all, making things fun for the kids. A patient of ours recently wrote in a review of our practice that although she and her family moved to a different city, they still come to our office because of the way that we treat her and her children.

We LOVE hearing things like this, because even though Dr. Drew is a general dentist, he loves providing pediatric dental services! Learn more about our office here.

Attributes of An Amazing Kids Dentist

Your Kids Deserve a Great Dental Experience

  • Keeps Your Children’s Best Interest in Mind

While a general dentist who is exceptional with kids can provide for the majority of your children’s dental needs, there are situations that might be better suited for a pediatric dentist. For example, children who have dental anxiety may be better suited to visit an Idaho Falls pediatric dentist who provides sedation dentistry. In these situations, you want to make sure that your dentist will keep the best interest of your children in mind. Dr. Drew is great with kids, but he will not hesitated to refer a child to a pediatric dentist if that will be better for the child! This is why our office is known for providing amazing dentistry for children in Idaho Falls, ID.

  • Experienced in Treating Kids

One thing that determines how good a dentist is for children is his or her ability to explain things in a way that keeps a child comfortable and helps them understand what is going on. This comes with experience. Dr. Drew has worked extensively with children and is well known for helping kids feel comfortable at the dentist.

Helping your kids have a good experience requires attention to a lot of different aspects. Giving your kids an office tour, making dental xrays a comfortable experience, comfortable dental visits, fun dental visits and exceptional dental treatment are all things that Oxford Dental Care is know for. Come visit our office in Idaho Falls to find out why we are well known for our family dentistry services!

  • Good Reviews Specifically About Children

If you are looking for a dentist for you child, it is important to look for a dentist who has good reviews specifically about how they work with children. Take a look through our reviews and they will speak for themselves. Our office is exceptional at providing children with great dentistry in a comfortable environment.

Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Strong

Things That You Can Do Starting Today!

There are a few main objectives that you should have as a parent to maximize your child’s oral health.

  • Minimize Acid Exposure to the Teeth

The first thing to remember is that you should do everything that you can to minimize the amount of acid present in your child’s mouth, and minimize the length of time that acid is allowed to come into contact with their teeth.

Your child’s teeth should be strong! When acid comes in contact with the teeth, it softens them and allows the minerals to be pulled out and brushed away. The less acid, the more solid they will remain and the less tooth decay your child will experience.

  • Minimize the Risk of Infection

The second thing to remember is that infection in any part of the body is bad. This goes for the mouth as well! Infections in your child’s mouth can cause gum disease along with a number of other dental issues that you would probably rather not deal with. Brushing and flossing combined with regular cleanings are vital in minimizing infection.

  • Good Habits Established at an Early Age Put Your Child Miles Ahead

We understand that wrestling your young ones in order to get them to brush their teeth is not enjoyable, but establishing good oral health habits at a young age is worth the effort. As your child becomes comfortable with brushing their teeth, those habits can carry on for the rest of their lives.


Providing for the Dental Needs of Your Youngsters

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