What To Do In The Event Of An Idaho Falls Dental Emergency

First aid is important to know not only for health emergencies, but also for dental ones. When something happens to your mouth, you need to know what to do. Any emergency dentist in Idaho Falls understands that these tips and tricks are important for one and all to know and learn. So, in order to spread the info and help share the knowledge, this quick cheat sheet was made to provide the comprehensive information that is needed so that dental emergencies are taken care of in the best way.

What Dental Problems Are An Emergency?

Cut Tongue, Cheek or Lip

When this happens, it can become quite bad. The mouth is a place that easily bleeds if there is a cut or other trauma. Applying pressure to the area for around 10 minutes can help to slow and stop the bleeding. Apply an ice pack to the area for pain relief.

Fractured Tooth

When a tooth breaks, it is important that the necessary precautions are taken to fix the tooth. Find the tooth and hold onto it. Have the person gargle warm salt water and then apply a dressing to the area with soft pressure if it is bleeding. Apply an ice pack to the area.

Displaced Permanent Tooth

Locate and hold onto the tooth, but only on the crown of the tooth, not at the root. Rinse the tooth with milk or saline solution. Put the tooth back into the socket and then have the person hold it there with pressure or bite down on it if possible. If this cannot be done, place the milk in the saline or milk and bring it with the person to the emergency area. If the tooth is still in the socket but displaced, do not attempt to move it or touch it.

Time is critical when it comes to replacing teeth or fixing them. It is important that the person speak with a professional sooner rather than later so that they are able to fix the issue and not have to worry about missing a tooth because of the accident that happened. Professional dental associates will take a look at the issue and find out if something needs to be done to put the tooth back in the place it was.

The tooth is something that you want to have for the rest of your life, especially if it is an adult one. Make sure to speak with the right professionals that can take care of any and all dental emergencies that are out there.

Seeking Treatment For An Idaho Falls Dental Emergency

When there is a dental emergency, it is important to speak with an emergency dental office to find out what the next steps are. A dental practice like Oxford Dental Care can help you take care of an emergency dental situation sooner rather than later. Find out more about our full line of dental services at https://oxforddentalidahofalls.com/, or give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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